UGS : 17411 Catégorie :

ACOM 2000A 2000W 160-10m


  • Bandes 1,8 à 29,7 MHz
  • Puissance 2000W
  • Etage final 2 x 4CX1000A 

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ACOM A2000 specifications
  • RF output: 1500-2000 W keyed carrier or SSB – no time limit. Constant carrier modes 1500W RF output – no time limit with auxiliary cooling fan.
  • Frequency coverage: All amateur bands 1.8-24.5 MHz. 28 Mhz only with modification by licensed amateurs.
  • Bandchange / Tuneup: Initial output matching process in less than 3 secs (typically 0.5 secs). Preset matching process / bandchange takes less than 0.2 second to move to different segment, same band and less than 1 sec for QSY to different band.
  • Tuning memories: Non-volatile for up to 10 antennas per frequency segment.
  • Drive power: Typically 50W for 1500W output.
  • Input impedance: 50 ohms nominal. VSWR <1.5:1.
  • Output tolerance: Up to 3:1 VSWR (2:1 on 160m) at full rated output before SWR protection circuit actuates. Higher SWR’s tolerated at lower output.
  • Harmonics: At least 50 dB below peak output at 1500W.
  • Intermodulation: At least 35 dB below peak output at 1500W.
  • T/R and keying: Vacuum Relay: QSK capable.
  • Tubes and circuit: 4CX800A/GU74b tetrodes (2); resistive grid, PI-L output with RF negative feedback. Regulated screen grid voltage.
  • ALC: Negative going, grid derived, -11v max, rear panel adjustable.
  • Metering: Comprehensive.  Remote Control Unit provides flexible monitoring of all amplifier operating parameters.
  • Protection: Grid and screen current limiting, power inrush (soft-start provided), trip to excessive reflected power, RF arcs, password access protection if needed, correct T/R sequencing, tube exhaust overheat, cover interlock and HV crowbar.
  • Fault diagnosis: Remote Control Unit display and LED’s plus « INFO Box » for 12 most recent events. PC interface (RS-232), plus remote phone line interrogation feature.
  • Cooling: Full cabinet forced-air. Rubber isolated blower.
  • Transformer: 3.5 kVA with strip-wound Unisil-H? core.
  • AC power requirements: 100/120/200/220/240 VAC nominal. 50-60 Hz. 3500VA single phase at full power.
  • Physical: RF Unit: 17-1/4″W X 7″H X 17-3/4″D

-(440W x 180H x 450D mm).

-RCU: 5-1/4″W X 6-3/4″D X 1″ H

-(135 X 25H X 170D mm).

-Shipped in two cartons total weight (96 Lbs/42.5kg). Plug in transformer for ease of installation and transport.

-No controls on RF unit except ON/OFF. RF unit may be located up to 3 metres (20m with optional cable) from RCU.


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